Engineering & Tooling

Here's What We Do Better


Our engineering team is actively engaged in conversations with our customers to create tool and die sets that will produce products to their exact specifications. 
We keep records for all of our tool and die kits, detailing every step of the production process. In the process, we are able to refer back to our records and know which tool performs best under different settings.


Our Tooling Department works hand-in-hand with various other departments; including: Sales, Engineering, Production, Quality Control, and Maintenance. This helps create an environment where all teams are contributing to the success of our company.

Changeovers & Cleaning

At MAC, we train on adequate changeover procedures. This helps eliminate any wasted time that may occur when changing a line over to a new product as well as reducing the amount of scrap produced when a line is not changed over properly.
We also have regularly scheduled cleanings to prevent wear and tear on our dies and tool sets. We take pride in our products; and by maintaining our equipment, we are able to continue to produce the high quality products that our customers expect.

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